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Abandoned Vehicle Problem Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Abandoned Vehicle Problem - Assignment ExampleThis research paper explores statistical information and data to provide an overview of the situation by focusing on the information gathered from various cities across the Kingdom. Proposed recommendations provided in the research focus on the placement of environmental regulations, Environmental Management Systems (EMS), government policies and vehicle recycling systems to garner desired results. Furthermore, the negative effects of abandoned vehicles are also discussed and the environmental and economic sustainability of proposed recommendations is examined to draw appropriate conclusions. Introduction The issue of abandoned vehicles that are often left by their owners on a plethora of public sites has been a cause of major concern for law enforcement agencies and city administrations across the globe. This problem is most prevalent and its environmental, economic and social impact most visible in numerous developed nations. Much of the abandoned vehicles do not carry any sources of identification thereby, making it an impossible task for concerned authorities to trace back their owners. According to a report submitted to the UK parliament by the House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee (2004: p46) the quantity of automobiles abandoned by their owners in the United Kingdom increased from 1500 to 2000 in period lasting from 2001 to 2003. However, it can be rightfully stated that the existing situation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with regards to the problem under discussion is much worse. As per the statistics presented by Lt. Col. Zaid Al-Hamzi of Jeddah traffic department for 2011, the number of abandoned vehicles taken away from the streets of Jeddah during the year amounted to a staggering 2,836 automobiles (Arabia MSN). The gravity of the situation is defined by assessing the costs of vehicle abandonment that have to be paid for by society, which can be examined in the light of economic and environmental impacts of vehicle abandonment. Joyce and Milner (2005: p139) note that extensive ramifications of this issue include critical concerns regarding the safety of general public and the occurrence of criminal activities. Additionally, the difficulties associated with disposing abandoned vehicles must also be highlighted. These issues involve aspects related to the costs incurred on repair of roads and highways that are damaged due to the presence of abandoned motor vehicles and the expenses borne by administrative and law enforcement authorities in transporting said vehicles to designated locations or junkyards. In order to examine the problem of abandoned vehicles in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in a comprehensive manner, this research undertakes the assessment of the topic by highlighting its core aspects. Therefore, the succeeding sections of the paper present a statistical overview of the issue in the nation, possibilities of resolving the problem, analysis of vehicle recycling systems, a thorough discussion of the negative effects of abandoned vehicles and the sustainability of proposed recommendations. Moreover, the concluding remarks of the study provide guidelines for directing the course of subsequent researches on the issue. Abandoned Vehicles in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – A Statistical Overview As identified in the preceding section of the paper, instances of motor vehicle abandonment are on the rise in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with 2,836 vehicles removed by the Jeddah traffic department in 2011 (Arabia MSN). An analysis of this statistic indicates


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